NIST and Cybersecurity – What you need to know!

A 2015 report by Price Waterhouse Cooper ranked Florida #1 in the nation for aerospace and aviation industry attractiveness*. To longtime residents, of course, this comes as no surprise. Brevard County is home to numerous high-profile aerospace, aviation, and defense contractors. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Harris, DRS - the list goes on and on. This is not only [...]

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CCleaner compromised – What you should know

Multiple news outlets reported this morning that the widely-used CCleaner performance optimization utility was compromised by hackers earlier this month. Specifically, a Trojan had been piggybacked onto the latest release (5.33.6162). NetWatch uses this utility widely on our managed desktops. Here's are a few things to know: (1) Most of our clients' systems were never [...]

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Preparing for Hurricane Irma and beyond…

It's difficult enough to manage your household and family in the event of an impending storm. Dealing with the needs of your clients, vendors, and employees adds a layer of complexity and uncertainty. The technology and information central to your business are in direct peril in a natural disaster. Luckily, with some planning and foresight, [...]

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NotPetya Ransomware Attack

As you’ve probably read in the news by now, there is another global ransomware attack that surfaced around 8am EST yesterday. This attack is a variant of the Petya attack that occurred last year. This particular attack, like WannaCry last month, uses the SMB vulnerability in Windows, an exploit code-named “EternalBlue” which was developed by [...]

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Good morning, Beginning Friday morning, multiple news outlets reported outbreaks of a new ransomware attack known as “WannaCry” that is spreading globally, exploiting a vulnerability in Windows. The British Nation Health Service was the first known major victim, its operations brought to a standstill. Several other companies followed, such as Fedex, the automaker Renault, and [...]

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