Managed Cloud Services

Get the best of both worlds with industry-leading cloud services supported by your local trusted partner

What to expect

Backup/Disaster Recovery

We partner with Datto, the industry leader in backup and disaster recovery, to provide on-site and cloud-based backups of our clients’ most critical data and systems. Protect your significant investment in technology and information with an expert risk assessment, smart strategies and reliable hardware. Prevent data loss, system failure and site disaster with one elegant, proven solution.

Virtual Infrastructure

Geo-redundant storage replicates your data in disparate locations, protecting it from disasters. Our geo-redundant, secure data centers are ready to host and protect your data when you’re ready to move that mission-critical server into the cloud.

Hosted MS Exchange

Don’t let power or Internet outages interfere with your Microsoft Exchange email. Let us host your Microsoft Exchange services in our geo-redundant, secure data centers.

Email Security

In an era of constant threats and scams, your email can be vulnerable. Regardless of your email platform, we can clean up your email and make sure it’s secure before it reaches your on-site or hosted email server. We can also provide email encryption for on-site or cloud email systems so your sensitive communications are protected.

Content Filtering

We’ll send all your web requests through a proxy so we can filter out known malicious websites, as well as any sites or categories (e.g. social media, gambling, shopping, etc.) that you want to be filtered out to maximize employee productivity.


Other Managed Cloud Services

  • Web and DNS hosting
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Managed Print Services
  • Document Management