About NetWatch

Keeping IT Simple?

Keeping IT Simple? Impossible, right?

We’ll be honest – our tagline could be a bit misleading. There’s not really anything simple about managing a complex network of computer systems, while making sure they are available for employees and safe from attackers. There are countless moving parts, and the landscape is always changing. It’s really pretty far from simple.

So what are we saying when we say we’re keeping IT simple? The answer is, well, simple. Information Technology (IT) should be simple to the people using it. If long, drawn-out, esoteric technical explanations are something you enjoy, we love that stuff and we’re more than happy to indulge. However, chances are you’ve got stuff to do, and you want your IT discussions to be informative, easy to understand, and above all, brief.

You also want your hard work to be protected from the ever-present threat of hackers. We’re Keeping IT Simple by applying our expertise in compliance and security so you can relax and focus on the work in front of you. Businesses everywhere are facing increasing compliance issues, and without the right pieces in place, you could be at risk of unintentionally losing or leaking information, or possibly even falling into a non-compliant lawsuit. Let us provide you with the defenses you need so you can rest assured your information is secure and compliant.

Our History

Growth driven by customer satisfaction.

Since NetWatch’s beginning in 2003, we have steadily built our customer base by earning our clients’ trust and enthusiastic referrals. We always treat our customers like royalty. NetWatch has friendly staff that delivers fast and effective managed IT solutions through personal partnerships. You can count on our experience and integrity. It is the NetWatch mission to provide IT that matters by listening and identifying the unique needs of our partners and delivering timely and effective solutions; making our partner’s jobs more peaceful and productive.

Our Philosophy

We serve the people behind the technology.

NetWatch’s experienced staff understands that technology is driven by people. While we keep up with rapid changes in the industry, we never forget that our clients have unique requirements. We take the time to get to know you, your employees and your mission so that we can best serve your needs. Your success is our success.