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Keeping IT Simple?

Impossible, right?

We’ll be honest – our tagline could be a bit misleading. There’s not really anything simple about managing a network of complex network and computer systems and making sure they are available for employees and safe from attackers. There are countless moving parts, and the landscape is always changing. It’s really pretty far from simple.

So what are we saying when we say we’re keeping IT simple? The answer is, well, simple: IT should be simple to the people using it. If long, drawn-out, esoteric technical explanations are something you enjoy, we love that stuff and we’re more than happy to indulge. However, chances are you’ve got stuff to do, and you want your IT discussions to be informative, easy to understand, and above all, brief.

You’ll get reports that are easy to understand. We’ll sit down together monthly or quarterly to discuss your concerns, go over your reports, or if everything’s ship shape, just swap photos of our dogs.

You also probably don’t feel like spending the day being bounced around between different vendors when there’s an issue. Report your problems to our Help Desk, and let us figure out who needs to be contacted…and if necessary, let us do it on your behalf!

With NetWatch, you can put your Information Technology concerns into a box, hand it over to us, and get on with the important stuff.