Fully-Managed IT Department

Netwatch is Your Outsourced CTO on Demand

When surveyed, one of the top complaints against tech companies is their product fees. Moreover that a service is not working correctly. However, it is the scope of a technology company to guarantee functionality. This is why we see a shift from the old network design of a help desk and weekly visits to a managed IT department.

What is a Fully-Managed IT Department?

A fully-managed IT department provides end-to-end solutions that give you confidence, knowing that every aspect of your hardware and software are protected; from infrastructure and servers to workstations and devices 24/7/365.

When you partner with Netwatch, you take the worry out of your organization’s information technology needs. Our fully-managed IT department will find and fix where it hurts so your day-to-day operation goes uninterrupted. We bring a fresh new approach, with top-to-bottom IT monitoring, management, and support solutions for businesses of any size or industry.


Proactive Support


Lower IT costs


Increased Productivity


Minimal risk of IT-related catastrophes

Our Fully-Managed IT clients enjoy these benefits:

As your Managed Service Provider, our top priority is effectively managing your network and technology assets to keep them safe and optimized so you stay productive. To do this, we leverage Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and protect your business. We use this platform to deliver premier monitoring and management services for your technology assets, offering better service and greatly reducing any potential for downtime or disruptions to your operations. This enables you to spend more time focused on what matters most in running your business.

Systems and Network Maintenance/Monitoring

Our management software will alert us of any hardware, network, or other systems issues so we can remediate them before they become an emergency outage, instead of after.

Remote and Onsite Help Desk

Our help desk staff is standing by to help! With an average business-hours response time of 15 minutes, and remote access capabilities, you won’t be waiting long for the help you need— and if we need to come onsite to fix it, you don’t pay extra! 

Reporting and Asset Management

We keep an inventory of your hardware and software, so you don’t have to. We also manage your IT equipment life cycle, from warranty maintenance to equipment disposal. You’ll get a monthly report of your systems status including resource usage, warranty, and updates.

Cybersecurity Management

With new threats always on the horizon, we’re always on watch. We keep up with the latest security concerns and threats so that we can respond proactively.

 “CTO-on-demand” service

Sometimes it helps to step back and look at the big picture. Large corporations enjoy the benefit of having a director and/or executive-level IT position that manages the company’s information systems policies and growth strategies. We think small-to-medium businesses (SMB’s)  in all industries deserve the same benefit!

Vendor Management

Don’t spend all day getting bounced around between various tech vendors. Report your problems to us, and let us figure out who needs to be contacted…and better yet, let us do it on your behalf!

Domain Name Server (DNS) proxy content filtering

We’ll send all your web requests through a proxy so we can filter out known malicious websites, including any sites or categories (e.g. social media, gambling, shopping, etc.) that you want filtered out to maximize employee productivity.

Managed antivirus and anti-malware

It’s increasingly important to make sure that antivirus software is kept up-to-date. However, multiple endpoints can be difficult to manage with conventional out-of-the-box antivirus software. We partner with Webroot® to provide a cloud-managed antivirus product that is centrally managed, quick and easy to deploy, and takes far less system resources than conventional antivirus solutions. We also deploy tools like MalwareBytes® for adware/malware, and CryptoPrevent for protection from ransomware infections.

Proactive Support

Real-time monitoring means we can keep all of your technology assets (devices, networks) running smoothly 24/7/365.

Rapid Response

With automated remediation capabilities, we can program the system to automatically fix commonly encountered issues with zero interruption to anyone in your business.

Actionable Insight

Technology isn’t only an asset. It’s a major investment for your organization. We can arm you with the insight you need about how these assets are performing empowering you to make fact-based decisions to optimize your technology investments.

World-Class Security

The backend platform is built within the WorldClass Amazon Cloud and is protected from external threats with a persistently tested and hardened cloud infrastructure.

Multi-factor authentication safeguards access to each individual user account.

Security controls and privacy mode can be enabled to prevent unauthorized access to devices. With privacy mode, the user must grant permission before their device is accessed by a technician for remote support.