Important update about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As part of our commitment to our clients, NetWatch is issuing the following recommendations and advisories to assist in readiness for this situation.


  • As an agile mobile workforce ourselves, we are very familiar with working remotely, utilizing cloud-based resources, and remaining adaptable in unforeseen circumstances. We are ready to implement a mobile-only work model for all of our clients regardless of size or industry. We utilize VPN, remote desktop, LogMeIn, Microsoft Teams, and other mechanisms to enable a functional mobile workforce.
  • To protect our workforce and yours, we are suspending non-essential onsite client visits until further notice.
  • Remote service will remain unchanged, but please understand we are inundated with requests for remote access setups at this time. Your patience is appreciated, and we apologize for unusual delays in response time.
  • Ordering/shipping may be slower than usual due to interruptions in the supply chain. This is outside our control.
  • We understand that your business operations may be negatively impacted and may experience cash flow concerns. As always, your operation is our primary concern and we ask only that you communicate your situation so that we can work something out.


  • Please refer to the CDC Business Preparation guidance:
  • We’ve seen a huge increase in phishing campaigns designed to exploit the concern over this issue. As always, please apply a generous level of scrutiny to every piece of electronic communication, being especially skeptical of unsolicited attachments and links, or other calls to action.
  • Err on the side of caution, safety, and health. Chances are pretty good that we can get you what you need via a remote access solution. Please don’t hesitate to email the help desk with questions or concerns.

We will be keeping an eye on the situation and will send updates based on the advice of governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals. And most of all, don’t panic.

Dave Clark, CEO and Founder

  • NetWatch Information Systems, Inc.